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Skip Loans

Maximize Loan Skips with Time-Saving Automation

Loan payment skips are traditionally an under-utilized “seasonal” service. With Cubus Skip-A-Pay everybody wins, everybody benefits. We automate the skip payment process, reducing a 15 to 45-minute process to a fast and easy three-step approach.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3 for Members

  1.  A member selects the loan they would like to skip, agree to the terms and pay the fee.
  2.  The member and loan are pre-qualified in your system.
  3.  The payment due date is advanced. The automated payment is updated, the loan’s maturity date is extended, and the fee is charged.

Members Win:

  • Saves a trip to the branch while making the request anonymously from any online device.
  • Get faster payment relief.

Credit Unions Win:

  • Your credit union potentially saves hundreds of staff hours while enjoying a new source of non-interest revenue.
  • Skip-A-Pay is a customizable program that easily integrates with your core banking system, giving you a cost-effective way to maximize and streamline loan skips.

“We are always pressured to do more with less. With Skip-A-Pay, we now offer our members the convenience of taking a payment holiday on their terms in seconds and free up our staff time to better serve our members. It has been a win for Securityplus and a win for our members.”

Maynard Hurd, AVP of Lending, Securityplus Federal Credit Union