Product Enhancements

New features for your members
  1. Person to Person (P2P) Transfers: Members can send and receive money to a person by entering their mobile phone, email address, or PayPal account.
  2. CD Management: Members can view all their CD’s in one screen and manage CD maturity options such as rollover, re-invest, and distribute.
  3. New Member: Non-members can apply for membership from your web site and be processed directly in UD Enterprise (FSP).
  4. New Loan Application: Non-members can apply for a loan from your web site, which can be reviewed and approved in the UD Enterprise loan system (aka FSP/ALPS).
  5. Live Chat: A member can chat with your help desk staff from within the dashboard. Initial support for Live Person web.
  6. External Transfers: Members who are disqualified from using transfers because of their delinquency status, can transfer money from an external account into a loan.
  7. Open a New Account: Members can open a new account online via a single sign on interface to O-Flow/Andera Open Account application for web.
  8. Online Loan Applications: Members can apply for a loan online via a single sign on to CRIF/SAIL loan application for web.
  9. Forgot Username/password: Members can now reset passwords and retrieve forgotten usernames faster. They will receive a one-time password instead of a link in the “forgot user name” and “forgot password” workflows. This will reduce the steps in the “forgot username” and “forgot password” workflows by half.
  10. Zoom In: Members can now zoom in to the online check images.
  11. Account Status Reminders: Members can now be reminded online about important account status such as Overdue Loan Payment, Loan Payment Due, and Certificate Maturity Due in the Events Calendar, in canned Splash Screens, and in the Account Summary Widget.
  12. Printing Transactions: Members can now print transactions by date range from the account summary widget.
  13. Credit Card Access:  Members can access a third party credit card management application (e.g. PSCU) directly from the credit card account listing in the account summary widget.
  14. Login Notifications: Member can turn on and off successful and failed login notifications.

New features for your staff
  1. Integrated E-Statement marketing: You can now market e-statements to members when they access their accounts. The new built-in campaign will target members who have not enrolled for e-statements, and will automatically enroll them (and change their mail codes) in Cubus Statements.
  2. Notifications: You can now turn off any notification you don’t want to send members.
  3. Registration Agreement: You can now require members to scroll to the bottom of the registration agreement text box before enabling the check box for the user to “check” to confirm that they have read and accept the terms.
  4. Browser version: You can now view the browser type and version that a member uses to access online banking.
  5. IE8: You can now disable the IE8 Compatibility requirement if you have upgraded browsers on staff PC’s to the latest version.
  6. Card Customization: You have the capability to offer members online card customization. Interface scope may vary depending on specifications.