Digiliti Money Partners with Cubus Solutions to Deliver Mobile Check Deposit to Credit Union Customers

Digiliti Money Brings Innovative Mobile Remote Deposit Features and Easy Deployment to Cubus One Mobile Banking Solution for Credit Unions

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.  ̶  May 16, 2017  ̶  Digiliti Money, Inc. (Nasdaq: DGLT), a leading mobile FinTech provider, has partnered with Cubus Solutions, a provider of  online banking solutions for credit unions, to add innovative mobile remote deposit capture (RDC) features and turnkey mobile RDC deployment capability to the Cubus online banking solution for credit unions.

Cubus has integrated Digiliti Money’s awarding-winning Select Mobile™ Deposit platform with the Cubus One banking platform for credit unions, which gives members the power to take advantage of credit union services anytime, from anywhere, by delivering seamless, real-time online/mobile banking through any device they choose. The first credit union went live on the platform in March 2017.

The combined solution now gives Cubus One users the ability to deposit checks into their account by using the camera on their mobile device. From within the Cubus mobile app, they simply choose the account, enter the check amount, snap a photo of the front and back of the check, press submit, and they’re done.

The check information is transmitted with multiple layers of security, including the ability to trace the transaction back to the submitting device. Once a check is submitted successfully, users are alerted that the transaction has been completed and funds are available. The process is quick and easy and saves the time and expense of a trip to the credit union or ATM.

“Select Mobile Deposit’s robust RDC technology, easy and flexible integration, and superior ability to capture check information made it a clear choice for adding mobile deposit capability to our platform and making Digiliti Money our primary mobile RDC provider,” noted John-Ashley Paul, president of Cubus Solutions. “As a standard feature on Cubus One, we can easily provide mobile deposit functionality to any of our Cubus One credit union customers without costly or time-consuming customization for their particular deployment.”

Unique to Diligiti Money’s Select Mobile Deposit solution is the flexibility to allow defined rules per group. This allows credit unions to advance a member to a higher level of deposit acceptance, like higher single-deposit amounts or higher daily limits, as the account matures. The deployment for Cubus also includes new capabilities Digiliti Money is rolling out this summer that allow new processing rules based on additional field reads and enhanced fraud mitigation.

“Mobile RDC can be one of most challenging and complex functions for financial institutions to deploy, especially with regulators demanding greater security and stronger fraud protection measures,” said Digiliti Money President, Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Mack. “For leading online banking solution providers like Cubus, we help with these challenges, saving the time and expense associated with delivering mobile RDC to their customers.”

“By partnering with Cubus as their default mobile RDC technology provider, Digiliti Money is now in the position to handle the volume of checks produced by the credit unions they service,” added Mack.

“In fact, Cubus is already ranked as a top six Digiliti Money customer in terms of RDC volume commitment. Further, as compared to our typical Select Mobile Deposit deployments that are customized for each financial institution, our platform integration with Cubus signifies tremendous leverage in terms of market reach. It also virtually eliminates future integration requirements for us, as more and more Cubus One credit unions customers sign on to benefit from our Select Mobile Deposit solution.”


About Cubus Solutions

Cubus Solutions is headquartered in Livermore, California, and provides a powerful online banking platform for credit unions that integrate online banking, payments and finance management in one single interface. Cubus and its online banking platform were built by executives and engineers with decades of combined experience with core data systems and the banking industry. Cubus is a trusted solution provider with nearly a dozen years of proven success with its clients. For more information, visit

About Digiliti Money, Inc.
Digiliti Money is a leading cloud-based, SaaS technology provider serving the financial services industry with mobile money and remote deposit capture solutions for PC, Mac and mobile. Founded in 2010, Digiliti Money has quickly grown into a technology leader and trusted partner of some of the world’s largest and most respected financial organizations. With remarkable growth, an impressive client base and award-winning technologies, Digiliti Money continues to drive innovation and deliver world-class solutions to financial institutions of all sizes.

The company’s industry-leading solutions help clients to increase customer engagement, grow revenues and gain competitive advantage. Digiliti Money’s cloud-based technology platform simplifies development, deployment and servicing of consumer and commercial solutions—minimizing cost and accelerating speed-to-market and ROI. Enabled by Digiliti Money’s complete suite of business and consumer solutions, financial institutions can better serve the needs of all their customers. For more information, visit

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