Seamless fit and automation with the Symitar core banking system

LIVERMORE, Calif., May 15, 2019 – Cubus Solutions, a provider of powerful online banking solutions for credit unions, announced Credit Union of Texas of Dallas, TX continues with the Cubus automated loan skip payment solution (Skip-A-Pay) for its members, through their change to the Symitar Episys core banking platform. Credit Union of Texas has nearly $1.4B in assets, 12 branches and over 145,000 members.

“We went through a core conversion to Symitar Episys last September. When you go to a new system, you focus on services with which members interact. You don’t want a disruption of service, or to force members to come into the branch for something they previously did online. Loan skips are something our members have adopted. We processed 6,627 skips in 2018 netting over $156,000 in fee income. When we converted, we went to our current partner, Cubus Solutions, who we knew could implement the program without impacting our members. Cubus Skip-A-Pay went live with our new core and not only was there no impact to our members, but we also saw an increase in usage of the program,” said Keith Malbrue, CIO of Credit Union of Texas.

Skip-A-Pay automates all functions that were traditionally completed by hand, including the qualification process, advancing the due date, updating scheduled payments and charging fees. The software takes the guesswork out of the equation while eliminating the possibility of human error. Its sophisticated rules engine allows for each credit union to customize the product, applying their own particular criteria to qualify the deferral. Skip-A-Pay takes the entire decision making out of the staff’s hands so they can concentrate on other initiatives. In addition, its automated reporting allows Credit Union of Texas to track skipped payments and fees, calculating ROI on demand.

Skip-A-Pay is easily incorporated into the Symitar Episys core banking system, turning a laborious, time-consuming procedure into three easy steps for the member. The approval, or decline, is quickly and is automatically processed in real time. The software drastically reduces the time to approve the skip and complete the core update. This is not only a cost saving for the credit union but a massive convenience for members.

“Credit Union of Texas was using our Skip-A-Pay loan payment skip solution with their previous core. We were able to seamlessly integrate the solution into the Symitar Episys core within 30 days, with no disruption in service,” said John-Ashley Paul, president of Cubus Solutions.


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