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Cubus Solutions Newsletter: September 2016


Are you working with car dealers to increase your auto loan portfolio and create opportunities for new members? Finding good partners brings convenience to all involved, and translates into sales for the partner and income for your credit union. When members can show up at a car dealership, choose their car, complete their loan application, get approved and walk out with keys in hands you’ve created a positive experience for both the member and dealer. Instant gratification. Individuals who purchase a car with an indirect loan often don't consider themselves a credit union member. Their car loan may be the only relationship they have with you. That presents a world of opportunity to take the next step to develop deeper relationships with these new members.

Some facts: Nationally, indirect loans reached $142.5 billion in the first quarter of 2016. Over the past 10 years, indirect lending as a percentage of total auto loans has climbed from 38.2% in the first quarter 2006 to 52.3% today. Meanwhile, total auto lending expanded 14.1% year-over-year to reach $272.4 billion at the end of March 2016. Although growth is down from last year’s 16.1% rate, that marked the 11th-straight quarter of double-digit national auto loan growth.*

*Published on Industry Insights blog March 2016: Indirect Lending Grows Its Direct Impact On Credit Unions
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~John-Ashley Paul, President/CEO

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Welcome Pacific Postal

Another credit union has signed up for the Cubus One digital banking platform. Pacific Postal, located in San Jose, CA, has five branches, more than $214 million in assets and over 14,000 members. With this addition, we now have 21 credit unions using Cubus One. Want to be our 22nd? Email us for a demo.

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Cubus Collaborations

And speaking of the Cubus One digital banking platform, we hold monthly phone/web meetings with all of our Cubus One credit unions to talk, collaborate and share ideas. These meetings, along with our in-person annual get together, are what helps shape the future of Cubus One, and gives all Cubus One credit unions insight to maximize the effectiveness of the product. That’s what you’ll have access to when you become a Cubus One customer!

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Financial education for immigrants: Gear up your credit union’s accessibility -This hot topic article on, analyzes a report put out by the CFPB which conducted a field scan of financial education programs available to immigrant populations. The report makes clear some of the financial challenges that many immigrants face, and solutions that credit unions can use to close the gap and gain the trust of these communities.

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#hikethehill - Over the next four weeks, 19 credit union leagues from 26 states will be in the nation’s capital to “hike the hill,” meeting with lawmakers, regulators and CUNA staff. One of the focuses of their efforts will be to show CUNA’s regulatory burden study, which illustrates how regulatory costs have ballooned since the inception of the Dodd-Frank Act. To stay updated on the meetings, CUNA is doing a weekly recap in their CUNA News Now section of their website.

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