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Cubus Solutions Newsletter: November 2015


Instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the experience.

There’s always going to be a competitor that has more money and more resources than you. You can’t fight on that playing ground. Credit unions need to hyper-focus on their member’s experience to make a real dent on the competitive playing field.

The customer experience is the next competitive battleground. Improving that overall experience should be a top business priority and a main driver behind your digital transformation ambitions. According to a September 2015 study from Accenture:

  • “Improving the customer experience” topped the list of business priorities companies have for the next 12 months. It received the most number one rankings (21 percent), followed by “growing revenues” (17 percent) and “improving differentiation” (16 percent).
  • “Improving customer satisfaction” was cited as one of the top three motivations for digital transformation, along with “increasing profitability” and “accelerating speed to market.”
  • Companies are focusing on digital channels to make customer interactions more engaging: 63 percent are planning to enhance their online experience, 46 percent are looking to add or improve their mobile offerings, but only 39 percent want to improve their in-store experience.

So what does that mean practically? To achieve differentiation through digital experiences, leaders from different departments will need to team up even more tightly. Digital transformation can’t be confined to a single department.
The way to becoming a “digital enterprise” requires leaders to take risks (move quickly) and learn from mistakes. For example, adding functionality in the spirit of being more digital and bettering the customer experience shouldn’t always require traditional approvals and a detailed business case.
We may be tooting our own horn here, but third parties, like Cubus, can help fill gaps and make it cheaper and faster for you to implement and execute a digital strategy.

Accenture Study   Key Finds Infographic

~John-Ashley Paul, President/CEO

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Now Live with Cubus One - Entrust Financial Credit Union

We are proud to announce that Entrust Financial Credit Union of Richmond, Virginia has partnered with us to enhance its online and mobile banking capabilities and is now live with the Cubus One Online Banking Platform. Entrust Financial Credit Union has over $75M in assets and over 10,000 members.

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Make Your Website Stand Out

Many credit union websites are not so great. They tend to be a bit bland, generic, and not particularly focused on their audiences. Some credit union websites are indistinguishable from one another since both the design and the content originate from credit union website templates that just require logo and contact info swaps. See what this blogger says about the importance of content, and learn six ideas to create unique content.

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