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Cubus Solutions Newsletter: May 2015


Stop the Double Standard

There seems to be a rallying cry in the credit union industry to get retailers to up their standards when it comes to personal data protection. Despite the federal requirement for financial institutions, retailers and others within the chain of commerce have had no equivalent requirements to protect such data.

A pair of House lawmakers on Friday, May 1 joined the push to strengthen consumer privacy protections by introducing bipartisan legislation that would subject retailers to the same data security standards as financial institutions. HR2205, The Data Security Act of 2015, attempts to remedy this double personal data standard. If it passes it would, at minimum, reduce the number of breaches. But there’s a second issue. When data breaches happen and the big business breached settles with the financial institutions, credit unions get squeezed.

A recent Wall St. Journal article reported that smaller banks and credit unions pay more per card in reissue costs than their larger peers. The first step is to get all participants in the payment system to equally share in the efforts to protect consumer financial data and support HR2205. Join the movement at #stopthedatabreaches

Read the WSJ Article

~John-Ashley Paul, President/CEO

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Feature Rich Becomes Feature Richer

Between our product road map, the collaboration with customers and market demand, we have recently enhanced Cubus One with several new features. These feature releases, along with an extended list of other features already in the product, make Cubus One on par with the best online banking systems in the industry. If you’re in the market for an online banking system, email or call us for a demo.

Latest new features:
  • P2P Transfers
  • Mobile Registration
  • Mobile Quick Balance
  • Certificate Management
  • Potential Member
  • Potential Member with Loan Application
  • Certificate Management
  • Live Chat Interface with "Live Person"
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F&A Federal Credit Union Implements Cubus One

We welcome F&A Federal Credit Union, based in Monterey Park, California, as the latest customer to go live with Cubus One.

The credit union, which has over $1.4B in assets and over 44,000 members, fully integrated Cubus One in March.

Read the Press Release

What We're Reading

Lend me an ear: 10 methods to increasing your loans - If you haven’t read Jim Blaine on Credit Unions blog, you will find it quite entertaining and informative. Here are his 10 sure-fire methods to increasing loans.
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Diamond Awards for great marketing campaigns - CUNA announced their Diamond Awards, the Oscars of the credit union industry, in March. The 2015 winners were announced at CUNA's annual conference for marketing and business development professionals. Then, the Financial Brand put together a list of their favorites from that list. (see links below).

Congrats to our customers who won awards: Capital Credit Union, Credit Union 1, Diamond Credit Union, Entrust Financial Credit Union, FAA Credit Union, Greater Iowa Credit Union, New England Federal Credit Union, Oregon Community Credit Union, Red Canoe Credit Union, SecurityPlus Federal Credit Union, United Federal Credit Union, and Velocity Credit Union.
List of 2015 Winners   The Financial Brand Favorites

Loyalty Critical to Credit Union Success

If credit unions want to be successful, they have to continue to set themselves apart from their competitors by ensuring customer loyalty while remaining profitable. When used effectively, analytics can help credit unions reach their goals by enabling them to better understand individual consumer preferences and more effectively predict member behavior. The fact is that data has always been a critical part of a credit union’s loyalty/reward program strategies and with data, credit unions can build profiling programs for each member, determine which members are profitable, understand what methods of motivation are most likely to succeed for each, and then tailor relevant programs uniquely. If you’re interested in creating or reviving a loyalty program at your credit union, join our webinar Thursday, May 21.
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Customer Portal Overview

Last week, Shelly Williams gave a walk-through of the navigation of the new customer portal. She covered support, activities, documentation, ticketing and future features. If you missed the overview webinar, contact Shelly for a copy. It’s the perfect refresher and only takes a few minutes to review.
Contact Shelly Williams

Did You Know?

Increase income and steer members online - With the Cubus Skip-A-Pay solution you can charge a higher fee for processing member skips in the back office.  While still using the Cubus automation that processes the skip in moments, you can allow your staff access to charging a higher fee.  You can enable this by setting the control to allow your help desk to override fees.  Making this change will help encourage members to utilize your online banking to process their own Skip-A-Pay online, anytime.

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