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Cubus Solutions Newsletter: March 2015



Economy’s better. Spending is on the rise. Rewarding members for spending using your cards is a no-brainer. However, engaging the member in the loyalty building and rewards earning process is what separates the leaders from the also-rans. A rewards program is a “we have Visa Rewards, check” situation for the disinterested, the apathetic, the also-rans. Shame on them. Not interested in engendering member loyalty in their products and services.

Let’s look at a world beater. Starbucks. Their rewards program started out as buy seven, get the eighth for free. No points for third party products. Strictly Starbucks rewards. They’ve morphed with the times and added to that custom offers, early access to new products, and easy payment from their mobile app. Newest promotion? TGIM.

What have they achieved? Customers who are Fanatically Loyal to Starbucks. I am one of them. That leads to a lifetime of “we’ll shop only at Starbucks because we get more free Starbucks stuff” mindset. They are in Brand heaven.

Moral of the story? Good product. Better service. Best Rewards Program. Starbucks is a leader.

Do you have that kind of strategy? Do your members say that about you? Or do you fall into the other category? Do you send members to a co-branded rewards site to exchange credit card points for a lousy toaster or some other trinket that they can buy on Amazon for a few dollars but will need years of card usage to afford? That free airline ticket? Forget about it. It will take eons to achieve that with third party credit card rewards.

Reward members’ loyalty by offering them better deals on your products and services, thereby further strengthening their loyalty to you and reinforcing your brand. Rewards can be anything from better interest rates, fee waivers, free ATM usage, cash back, free loan skips, or cash auto deposited to a free savings account. The options are endless. But this I know; the best defense is a good offense. Don’t wait for the bank next door to ramp up their program. Go on the offense. Design a rewards program that will make your members fanatically loyal to you. Design your own TGIM.

Read About Starbucks' TGIM

~John-Ashley Paul, President/CEO

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Alerts Case Study: TTCU Saves Six Figures Annually

In our recent conversation with Dan Bowling of Tulsa’s TTCU, he told us how the Cubus Alerts system is saving the credit union $150,000 in paper cost on an annual basis. He also said the system paid for itself in the first month after implementation. Don’t have Cubus Alerts yet? Read the case study and we’re confident you’ll be convinced. Then, schedule a demo to see how Alerts can work for you.

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Collaborations Conference

Collaboration has been the key to Cubus Solutions’ success over the past decade. We’ve listened to and worked closely with our credit union customers to make products work better for them, and every credit union customer that comes after them. Collaboration has never been more important than with our Cubus One online banking system. That’s why we forged a group of Cubus One customers, who meet monthly, to discuss refinements, successes and struggles.

We are coming together for a two-day conference in Livermore on March 26 and 27 collaborating and conferring to find common solutions to each person’s challenges at work, with the competition, with regulators and more.

Yes, we’ll be boiling the ocean and solving the world’s problems in just two days! We’ll give you a wrap post-conference.

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Did You Know?

With Cubus Loyalty Checking you can keep your members engaged and informed about their loyalty checking account. With email status updates and online access to qualification and earned rewards, members can stay updated and engaged with your loyalty program. To learn more about our Loyalty Checking, visit out website's solutions page then join us for our webinar April 21st.

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  • Denali Alaskan ($571M in assets and 61,000 members) – Skip-A-Pay
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  • Beacon Federal* ($136M in assets and 16,425 members) – Skip-A-Pay
  • Northern Skies ($81M in assets and 6,877 members) – Rewards
  • United Educators* ($153M in assets and 15,000 members) – Skip-A-Pay and Statement
  • Tulsa Teachers ($1.5B in assets and 114,000 members) – Skip-A-Pay and Alerts
  • Advantage ($229M in assets and 25,600 members) – Skip-A-Pay
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