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Cubus Solutions Newsletter: July 2016


Bringing Brexit Home: What does it mean?

The United Kingdom voted on June 22 to leave the European Union, a decision with economic impact throughout the world. We saw panic, and then we didn’t. We intuitively know the global indications (lower British pound, stock market mini crash, new international trade agreements, etc.), but how does it trickle down to your credit union and your members?

Last week, CUNA’s Chief Economist Curt Long issued a statement in response to the vote. The long and short of it is that the outlook for credit unions is essentially unchanged. What could change is credit union members could become more cautious. Long said some credit unions will “likely see above-normal flows into savings accounts.” It was also noted as uncertainty in the EU area rises, demand for risk-free financial assets will exert pressure to keep longer term US interest rates near their unusually low levels. You don’t want to play off fear, but soliciting your members to beef up their savings is always a good message and could resonate deeper because of current events. And because interest rates will remain low, the stream of home buying (and refinancing) is sure to continue.

~John-Ashley Paul, President/CEO

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New Product Preview: Quick Pay

Next month well be launching a new product that lets your members pay their loan online with a credit card. Adding convenience for all members and especially those with indirect loans, Quick Pay offers members the ability to setup the payment themselves online – outside of online banking – or your credit union staff can quickly add the member’s credit card to their account for a one-time or recurring payment. Want to know more? Sign up for our upcoming webinar on July 28 at 11am PT to see how it works. (UD)

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Visa Mandates Issuer Alerts by October

In the ongoing battle against fraud, Visa recently announced that Visa card-issuing credit unions will be required to provide member cardholders with the option of transaction alerts. The mandated deadline to be in compliance is October 14, 2016. On or before this date, credit unions must provide their Visa cardholders with the option to participate in the service. Click below to read more, and contact us to learn more about Cubus Alerts, which will be compliant with this mandate.

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Start Measuring Financial Health. Ron Shevlin writes that when financial institutions use a common measure of financial health, recommendations to “consolidate debt” or “set up recurring payments” can be made in the context of what impact actually doing those things would have on someone’s financial health.

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Direct Mail, When Done Right, Works. If your credit union is skeptical of getting lost in the direct mail pile, check out these tips for standing out in the crowd and ways to measure results when promoting offers to members.

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In anticipation of next year’s 50th anniversary of the first automated teller machine, the ATM Industry Association has published its “Extreme ATMs Dossier”, featuring 15 extreme ATM deployments around the world, from Antarctica to the middle of an Australian desert, as well as 10 “fun” ATMs.
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