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Cubus Solutions Newsletter: July 2017

A New Way to Online Identity Management

The words self-sovereign evoke images of countries and freedom. Well, there is a relatively new concept called self-sovereign identity that wants to give people the freedom to manage their own identity. To put it simply, through block chain technology, people and businesses can store their own identity data on their own devices, and provide it efficiently to those who need to validate it – without relying on a central repository of identity data. Today, driver's licenses, social security cards and other state-issued credentials are equated to identity. This is tricky because it suggests a person can lose his or her very identity if a state revokes their credentials or even if they just cross state borders.

Identity in the digital world is even trickier. It suffers from the same problem of centralized control, but it’s simultaneously splintered: identities are disorganized, differing from one Internet domain to another. As the digital world becomes increasingly important to the physical world, it also presents a new opportunity; it offers the possibility of redefining modern concepts of identity. It might allow everyone to place identity back under our control.

See this example happening now of how self-sovereign identity concepts could make passports a thing of the past.

~John-Ashley Paul, President/CEO

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Skip-A-Pay is Now Responsive

The goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. So now when members access your Skip-A-Pay, no matter what device they are on, the size and layout will change to fit that specific device. Watch for responsive design also coming soon to Cubus Statements, Letters and Alerts.

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Are You Starting the Budgeting Process?

Summer marks the halfway point in the year when a lot of credit unions start to budget for the upcoming year. If your credit union is thinking about adding any of our solutions or digital banking, we are here to help. We can give you numbers now which will help you determine costs for new year. All of our products are listed on our new website, so check it out and let us know if you want cost estimates.

What We're Reading
What We're Reading

Instagram for CUs and Why it Makes Sense - With over 700 million monthly active Instagrammers, the platform's primary age group is 18-29 years old (aka millennials), which is the perfect market for credit unions to target to grow their membership. See this step-by-step guide for Instagram strategies that really work.

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There’s an Art Form to Enchantment - Connecting with consumers in a way that builds loyalty and engagement, speaker Guy Kawasaki, marketing innovator and author, broke down that art form into 10 steps during his keynote address last week at the America’s Credit Union Conference.

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Did You Know?
Did You Know?

Progress on New Cores - We announced previously that we are adding the Corelation KeyStone and Symitar Episys core for Cubus One. We are in the process of migrating both and should be ready to beta test very soon. We’re pleased to announce Diamond Credit Union will be migrating Cubus One to Corelation KeyStone over the next year. If your credit union is using one of these cores, or will be switching in the future, and you’re interested in upgrading your online banking, please reach out to us.


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