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Cubus Solutions Newsletter: January 2017


Payments Technology Fast-Tracking in 2017

Happy New Year everyone! It’s that time of year when we look forward to see what topic might impact the industry this year. One of the fundamental shifts across the industry are payments and the methods to move them.

  • EMV is moving into the market and will continue to command attention as FIs keep in step with global security standards. Ultimately, payments are headed toward NFC (Near Field Communication). We are heading to a contactless payment society. Biometrics will increasingly be used for authentication as well, and will be explored beyond the fingerprint.
  • Non-financial disruptors such as Facebook, PayPal, Amazon and Square are strengthening their presence, and credit unions and service providers need to assess which options to include in their product mix.
  • Mobile will continue to rise as a primary payment channel, bringing with it digital wallets. P2P payment technology is also advancing quickly and becoming a staple in the daily lives of consumers.
  • Across all channels, new fraud detection tools will increasingly help provide a depth of defense – even as fraud continues to grow. Data analytics will also emerge as a force, both for fraud detection and member marketing.

Educating members on powerful new tools of productivity, convenience and security is of paramount importance. Helping members to safely and securely realize the full benefits of these products can transform their credit union experience and inspire long-term loyalty.

~John-Ashley Paul, President/CEO

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Skip-A-Pay is the Ultimate No-Brainer

If your credit union is not automating its skips, you should talk to us. Here’s what Maynard Hurd, AVP of Lending with Securityplus Federal Credit Union said about Skip-A-Pay: “We looked at several skip automation software packages and none of them had the power of the Cubus Skip-A-Pay. With Skip-A-Pay the department doesn’t have to touch the deferral at all. Our members do it all online in a matter of seconds.” Take a look at our case study and see how much Securityplus netted in fee income in just a few months.

Download the Case Study

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Welcome Zeal Credit Union

And speaking of Skip-A-Pay, we are happy to announce that Zeal Credit Union of Livonia, Michigan has signed on for Skip-A-Pay. They have $556M in assets and process more than 3,000 skips a year. Congratulations to Zeal for committing to making their life easier in 2017!

Visit Zeal Credit Union

CFPB Facing Trouble in 2017 - The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau faces a precarious and uncertain future in 2017. This Investor’s Business Daily article points out how the agency has gone a bit haywire.

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Social Media Sharable- We found a a great article on ways to save in 2017 that you can share with your followers on social media. This practical advice is something all of us can do to save more.

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