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Cubus Solutions Newsletter: December 2016


You Can't Stop Progress

A proposed new federal policy could further expand and shake up the banking industry as fintech products get new flexibility. According to the Wall St. Journal, a top regulator said Friday that his agency would for the first time start granting banking licenses to fintech firms, giving them greater freedom to operate across the country without seeking state-by-state permission or joining with brick-and-mortar banks. The move could open the door to more competition between the old and new financial firms and provide a bigger opening for some large tech companies such as Stripe, LendingClub and Square to consider new ways to offer digital payments, lending services and other consumer financial services.

In the US and UK alone, there are now more than 4,000 such companies. Investment in the sector has increased from $1.8 billion to $24 billion worldwide in the past five years. Be advised. Whether this comes now or later, some form of loosening the noose for these companies is in the cards. As a credit union, you must make sure you have a living, breathing culture of financial services innovation – with a focus on digital delivery. There are the new models of banking, where value is created as much through ancillary services to financial products, as much as the financial product itself. In a world where everything is free, financial institutions must be smarter at creating value and not rely on traditional products with hefty margins that won’t exist in 10 years.

~John-Ashley Paul, President/CEO

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Can you hear me now? Good!

We’re beta testing Cubus Voice, a new Cubus One delivery channel for your members to access their accounts. Two credit unions are participating in the beta test. Cubus Voice lets you give members the convenience of accessing their account information by phone. It provides members with easy to use registration, and fast access to account information and a host of transactions in both English and Spanish. Literally put the power in your member’s hands with our multifunctional voice and touch banking. Want to know more? Attend our webinar on December 13 at 11 am PT.

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Marketing Trends to Use Now

Based on consumer trends, this chart shows what marketers should be focusing on in the next few years. The emergence and use of mobile devices is the consumer trend that North American marketers believe will have the greatest impact on their industries in the next 10 years, according to survey results from the New York American Marketing Association (NYAMA) and BrandSpark. Trailing mobile among the most influential consumer trends are three others commonly discussed: the emergence of Millennials; advanced marketing analytics; and demand for personalization. Review and use these trends to understand consumer behavior and how your credit union can capitalize on the currents.

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Great opportunity for continued CU loan growth in 2017 - It’s the time of the year that the prognosticators, well, prognosticate about the coming year developments. Credit Union Magazine starts it off with the three keys to maximizing your lending in 2017 considering fintech startups and others trying to dip into lending.

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Retirement regrets - This is one to share with your members on social media. Suitable for just about any audience the article lists five choices that may leave you longing for a do-over in retirement.

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Helping you reach your members is a high priority for Cubus so we have been hard at work enhancing the marketing features in the Cubus One platform. With your Cubus One upgrade your mobile channel becomes an even more valuable tool. Marketing and Member Information features have been enhanced in this channel so that your mobile members can opt into new product offerings, learn about credit union events or take advantage of existing features that they may not know about. Your marketing and information can now be delivered to members via Web and Mobile channels through a single campaign from Cubus One.

Included in the Cubus One 2.3 release, is the option to send a  secure broadcast message which is a great way to let your members know about car sales, shred days, and much more. We have also included a new add-on (additional cost) option for bulk email marketing. Take a look at the release notes posted on the Cubus Support Portal ( or give us a call for more information.

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