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Cubus Solutions Newsletter: August 2015


Infidelity, extortion and data breaches: What we can learn.

The recent data breach and compromise of 3.5 million Ashley Madison user accounts, a website that explicitly facilitates illicit sexual liaisons, may turn out to be largest case of broad-scale extortion the world has ever seen.

You already know to protect personal information of customers and employees, intellectual property secrets, passwords, private keys, and the like – information that a hacker seeking financial gain would covet. But an extortionist seeks confidential information that simply has the power to embarrass your organization, regardless of any potential financial value.

What can we learn? As individuals, there will never be a better time to educate ourselves about what tradeoffs we are making, consciously or unconsciously, with our data. As business people, we need to decide what kind of data stewards we will be, especially as data becomes more ingrained in business strategy. As an industry, we need to start putting clear and practical norms in place to clarify these issues so that we can have a fair and productive conversation about them and, frankly set a good example.

~John-Ashley Paul, President/CEO

Term of the Day:
Blockchain Technology

In the opening keynote at the July 28 American Banker's Digital Currencies + the Blockchain conference, a former JPMorgan Chase executive said the first application of blockchain technology will be post-trade processing, rather than payments, securities or derivatives solutions. Processing is something banks need to accelerate, she said. Blythe Masters went on to say, “I believe that [blockchain] technology has the potential to truly change the way the financial world operates, to reduce costs, reduce efficiency, reduce risks and ultimately provide better customer service, which ultimately is what financial services needs to be all about." In fact, big financial players have begun to experiment with the bitcoin blockchain technology and other decentralized ledgers. Click below to see the eight of the biggest institutions to go public with their interest so far.

8 Banking Giants

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Our latest addition: Red Canoe goes live with Cubus One

Washington-based Red Canoe recently went live with Cubus One. Their VP of IT, Jeff Haverlack said that they selected Cubus One to enhance their online banking platform because Cubus has been a trusted technology partner, and they saw Cubus One as the platform that could help them continue to grow and help fulfill their commitment to delivering high quality financial services.

See the Press Release

What We're Reading

Mobile banking is changing the life of a call center agent - What used to be calls about bank balances and payments are now addressing a wider range of technical queries through a growing number of media. A recent article from American Banker gives you a look into the future and how early adopters are using the opportunity to engage and retain.
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Did You Know?

Microsoft is phasing out support for all Internet Explorer versions prior to IE 11. After January 12, 2016 Microsoft will only provide IE 9 support for select versions of Vista and Server 2008 operating systems. IE 10 will be phased out in a similar manner. To ensure Cubus customers have a secure, fast, and modern browser, Cubus will stop support for IE 9 on September 30, 2015. The ended support will apply to all Cubus products. Cubus will continue to support IE 10 until December 31, 2015.

San Diego Conference 2015

Cubus will be in San Diego Aug 31 to Sept 2. We will be meeting with customers one-on-one. If there is something you'd like to discuss, see a demo or just say, "Hi", let us know, we'll schedule some time together.

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